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A Note From Allyson

♥ Thank you friends! ♥

So very many people contributed to the Help ♥ Hank fund, and in so many ways. We cannot convey how truly helpful it has been for Hank to get the care he needed and how supported we felt. It made all the difference.

ALL the difference.

The week before Hank fell gravely ill, Lulu had two vet visits in the same week. One was for a 3-pronged fish hook embedded in her leg. Right now, that alone almost broke the bank.

We've always been folks that made a living doing what we love, and not for the money, so this was looking scary.

A love for animals brought a lot of folks together, in this case for a sweet soul named Hank, and I for one was bowled over by a humbled gratitude.

Hank had another stellar day today and his vet is in tomorrow so she'll get the update then. This time I'm proud to report (and there were witnesses!) that Hank's poop is getting more and more solid every day! I feel like I want to throw a party for that alone. What a party that would be...

There will probably be another blood panel in his future to check the status of his organs. If they are doing well *fingers crossed* I'm SO hoping he can withstand anaesthesia to get neutered!

I'll stay in the present though and say that donations have gotten us back to a much more stable place and we are now able to not have to rely on the Help ♥ Hank fund! ♥♥♥ Thanks to you, friends ♥

If donations trickle in through some of the honestly awesome vendors through Krissi Sandvik's network of crafty friends or our musician friends, they will be put towards the remaining couple hundred dollar ballance or so that Hank has accrued.

Beyond that, excess money will be graciously donated to the city animal shelter, that gets much less love than the Sacramento SPCA. That, and the volunteer time I will start up again this year as one of the 'give back deeds' I have on my list.

ALSO, we are hoping to do a small handful of hootenanny gigs 
throughout 2012 similar to the December 10th, 2011 Fox & Goose show to raise money for different animal charities. The goal is to invite some favorite performers (who may not do it frequently any more in some cases!) and also introduce some newer talent, all in one night, all for a good cause.

We ♥ you our friends, and thank you AGAIN for contributing your dollars, and/or your time, and/or your talent to Hanky Pank.

Please continue to check out the vendor list that Krissi put together on the Hank Blog beyond all the Hanky fundraising. I've discovered so many awesome new artist folks out there through this. ♥♥

And lastly:

Viva Hanky! ♥

The following are Allyson's photos with a summary of her Hank update posts and links to the full updates.

Friday, 12/23/11
Hank is gaining weight, looking great and making new friends!

Wednesday, 12/14/11
See Hank run.  RUN, HANK, RUN!  <3

Tuesday, 12/13/11
Hank's Travels - Hank's been everywhere
 flashback from Summer 2011 (with hug from Tyler and photobomb from Kyle)

Monday, 12/12/11
(photo from his 2 mile walk with Al & Lu today)

Hank looks better, feels better and is "talking" again!  HOORAH!
Read Allyson's full post
Sunday, 12/11/11
The twinkle in his eye and the wag in his tail is returning!

Sunday, 12/11/11
Hank EATS!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 12/10/11In which Al struggles with trying to get Hank's blood sugar up and hydrate him with a bag of fluids and a huge needle.
Read Allyson's full post

Friday, 12/9/11
Hank took a turn for the worse today.  Fewer tail wags and his tummy started acting up again.  Yep, that means another trip to the vet.  And probably another test and some more meds.  

Thursday, 12/8/11
Hank is skinny, but eating small amounts and wagging his tail more.
Read Allyson's full post

Wednesday, 12/7/11
Hank is eating, walking and pooping!  Hoorah!
(hey, everybody poops)

Tuesday, 12/6/11 - evening update
Recalling Jack Sprat and his wife   Hank's doing well and has started playing a bit (even though his ribs are showing).  Meanwhile, Lulu could stand to lose a few.  Poor Lu!
Read Allyson's full post
Tuesday, 12/6/11 - morning update
Hank is home, sleeping comfortably on his own bed and keeping down small amounts of food!
Read Allyson's full post

Monday, 12/5/11 - late evening
Hank is HOME and irritated that Al won't let him suck down water until he barfs.  Silly dog.
12/4/11 - late night crew update
Hanky Pank isn't out of the woods yet, but he does seem to be showing some improvement!

12/4/11 - evening update
Hank enjoyed his visit & walk in the sunshine with Al, Kev and Kyle today.  While he's not well enough to go home, he's not sick enough to give up on (and he's not giving anyone signs that he's ready to give up either!)  VIVA LA HANK!  

Sunday, 12/4 - early morning
(photo of Hank running in the rain, Spring 2011)
Hank is still suffering from nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite and remains at the veterinary hospital.  Funding is the biggest problem right now, even though so many have donated (including one of the vets)

Saturday/Sunday, 12/3-4 - wee hours
Hank is still not feeling great and is still at the veterinary hospital
but he did take a piece of duck jerky from Al!

Saturday, 12/3/11 - 4:15pm
Hank during his visit with Al, sporting a catheter.  He'll be heading back to the vet for another night of ICU

12/3/11 - 1:30pm
Hank's bloodwork wasn't as positive as we'd hoped, but the vets are hopeful that he'll keep fighting.
See Allyson's full post

12/2/11 - 2:30pm
Hank's fever was high again and it appears that his organs are not fighting the infection. Thanks to generous friends ♥ he'll stay overnight at the vet where he can get fluids and antibiotics
See Allyson's full post

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